Friday, 8 January 2016

January 5th, 2016 - Frustration!

I learn a lesson today, which I should have learned years ago - 'totally disregard the weather forecast.'

Based on the premise that it was going to throw it down, I don't bother taking my camera to work.

Big mistake!!!

Come lunch time I decide to have a walk along the River Leen at King's Meadow.  First bird is a Bullfinch and then a few Long-tailed Tits in the hedgerow along the river, otherwise fairly quiet.  As I pass the entrance to the nature reserve I spot a Kestrel on a lamp post just past the turning to town.  I get decent views in the bins and decide to get closer.  Now down to 100 feet, I can see all the feather detail.  I realise I would have got a pretty darn good photo but such is life.

I get a bit closer.  Okay it's going to fly off now.  It doesn't.  Now I'm 50 feet from the bird.  I can see the shadow in its nostril.  I edge closer;  surely it will fly off now.  Nope.  I kick myself, it would have been a fantastic image.  I'll never listen to Carol Kirkwood's again.  I'll just look.

I console myself with amazing views of this beautiful bird.  And at least it's a year tick.

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