Monday, 18 January 2016

January 18th, 2016 - Patience pays off

It's my lunch time walk along the river at King's Meadow.  It's quieter than normal, possibly owing to the orange-jackets working on a small paddock by the culvert.  I spot a bird atop a lamp post and with the bins spot my Kestrel, which I had seen a couple of weeks ago, when I was without my camera.

I dodge between the digger and the bushes, but as I creep into the open, the bird takes flight.  I have a sinking feeling, but my hopes are kept alive as it perches up in a tree along the Wilford side of the river.  Using any available cover, I eventually get in the right position with reference to the light and edge closer and closer, until I have this wonderful falcon staring down my lens.  

 Male Kestrel

Male Kestrel

Deciding I had seen enough, he takes to the wing again and flies down the river, perching on a distant tree.  I return to work and grab my lunch, feeling well chuffed!

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