Monday, 28 December 2020

Highfields Park thrushes - 27-12-20

Having stumbled on a group of Redwings feeding on berries the previous day, I returned this morning with the light bright and crisp. There tree favoured by the birds was somewhat in the open, and it was impossible to avoid flushing the birds. However, I managed to use the cover of another tree and the birds soon returned and gorged on the berries. They were joined by a Fieldfare and a Mistle Thrush while I was there. I'm not sure I will ever get a better opportunity to photograph Redwings.



Mistle Thrush

A little later, needing to go to the shops, I popped into the city centre and was pleased to see a Peregrine perched on the higher ledge of the University on South Sherwood Street.  I hope to get a bird in flight or on one of the lower ledges in the spring.

Peregrine Falcon

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