Sunday, 27 December 2020

Christmas Day - An ornithological gift!


Christmas Day was cold, although the promised frost never appeared. None the less, I sprinkled some extra bird food on the path.  Two Robins and then a male Blackbird welcomed the dried meal worms and crumbled fat balls, and I watched these before making a coffee and turning on my camera in the hope of composing a Christmassy image of a Robin.

Armed with my Sony A9, I looked out of the kitchen to see a female Sparrowhawk staring at me from the Sallow. I rattled off a few shots and then went into the dining room in order to get more of a head on angle.

I had often hoped to get a 'Sprawk' in the garden but I had never dreamed of getting one this well. I'm just pleased that the windows had only been recently cleaned!

Sparrowhawk (female)

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