Monday, 30 May 2016

An afternoon with the camera at Attenborough

It's a Bank Holiday, so I decide to take the Panasonic FZ100 down to Attenborough.  A lot of species are singing again before the big late summer lull, so I hope to get some goodies.  I think it was a success.

I make my way to the tower hide and set up the scope.  A Polish couple and their little daughter seem enthusiastic, but have a dodgy pair of bins between them, so I show them a beautiful Reed Bunting through my scope.  They're thrilled!  

Reed Bunting

As I sit in the hide, a male Goldfinch perches up.  It's just a terrific afternoon with lovely light and I get some very pleasing images.


Thinking I had been lucky with the Goldfinch, a male Greenfinch does one better and perches even closer to the hide.  He sings to the nearby female and adopts some very interesting postures, which I haven't seen before!  It's a spanking bird and I leave the hide feeling pleased with myself and hopefully encouraged some people to pursue the hobby.


I rendevous with my Mum who has been shopping, and we have a tea and scones in the Nature Centre.  I go out back, as there's normally something of interest in the garden, and sure enough a Blue Tit is feeding chicks in a nest box.  The adult comes to the nest with a bill full of squishy caterpillars.

Blue Tit

As we leave the centre, I show her a pair of Coot, which are nesting right next to the causeway. The female is keeping her fluffy chick snuggled as the male brings titbits to the nest.   It's a lovely sight.


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  1. That greenfinch looks great, in as you say a slightly odd pose!