Sunday, 15 May 2016

May 14th, 2016 - Attenborough Nature Reserve

I'm coming down to Earth after my trip to the Netherlands but feel like a morning out, while it's still good.

The winds have gone north now and I arrive at the reserve at half 8.   The number of birds singing must be a quarter of two weeks earlier and I occupy myself for a time photographing a Common Swift.

Common Swift

Working my way round to the Wheatear field, I find a single Common Redshank, which partly with the help of a horse I get quite close views as the old nag provides some cover.

Common Redshank

I'm informed that a drake Garganey is showing on Clifton Pit.  I climb the steps and then discover that there's actually two birds.  Nice.

While I'm in the hide I capture what might be my best ever photo!  It's 'only' a Goldfinch but what a corker!  It's in perfect light, posing and in pristine plumage with some nice habitat.  All boxes ticked.


Making my way back to the Reserve Centre to see Chris Galvin #Opticron and Tim Sexton, I find a Black Tern on the pit to the right of the centre.  I nip round to the railway line path and it's joined by a second bird and three Arctic Terns.  I'm not quite positioned for the light, but rattle off a few pleasing record shots, never the less.

Arctic Tern

Arctic Tern

Black Tern

Black Tern

I have a caramel donut and a coffee in the centre and hobnob with the guys for a while, before heading into town for a new laptop.

A nice morning!

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