Saturday, 19 January 2019

Scarborough Great Northern Diver - 19th January, 2019

I had often entertained the idea of going to Scarborough to photograph one of the divers that frequent the harbour from time to time and with a Great Northern Diver reported as showing down to a few feet for the past week, there didn't seem to be a better chance.

I caught the first train north on the Saturday morning and was at Scarborough for just before nine.

It seemed the weather dice weren't rolling in my favour this year, and after the experience with the Red Kites, this was yet another dull, murky day.  It was dry though, so I suppose one has to be grateful for small mercies.

I located the diver in the harbour after about 20 minutes, and after it swam around in the middle, the bird eventually came right up to the edge where I stood.  In order to spook the bird as little as possible, I knelt down, resting my camera on a capstan, and I got some nice shots, despite the low light.

Great Northern Diver

 I was in the grip of a bout of man flu and felt rather iffy as I walked to Scalby Mills, in order to photograph the Eurasian Wigeon that splash around right next to the sea wall there. 

In the evening, I met up with Nick Addey and Steve Wignall for a pint of three, while watching the Blades on the pub TV, as we talked birds. I say talked, although my flu had reduced my voice to a whisper.

The Sunday's cloudy was worse if anything than the previous day, but I did get a few shots of some of the local bird life before getting a midday train back to Nottingham.

Common Redshank

Eurasian Wigeon

Great Black-backed Gull

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